William C. Strube
December 25, 1888 - August 1, 1924
U.S. Army, 1918

The Strube Family

In conjunction with the Jackson, Minnesota Sesquicentennial celebration, the Strube family held a reunion in Lakefield, Minnesota on July 16, 2006. Family members in attendance were Floyd Strube, his wife Lavonne, and daughters Monette and Mary; Jo Strube, widow of Norman, and her daughter Cathy; sisters Linda and Becky, daughters of Orville; and Larye, son of Hilda.

Ella Pietz Goplen and William Strube, probably wedding picture, April 23, 1920.

Family portrait, January 26, 1925, Norman's second birthday. Top: Floyd, age 10 and Orville, age 9. Front: Hilda, age 7, Agnes, age 4, and Norman.

Family portrait, July 16, 2006. Left to right: Linda, Mary, Lavonne, Becky, Floyd (age 92), Cathy, Jo, Larye, Monette.

Family portrait II

Floyd's family

Bill and Cathy, Linda and Paul

Floyd, Jo, and Becky


Larye and Judy

Our mother and grandmother, Ella Pietz Strube, ca. 1892, with her brother Alfred.

Uncle Alfred and wife Clara, wedding picture, ca. 1910.