Pantry-Laundry Remodel

The second phase of our remodeling project that started with the main bath involves the adjoining laundry, mudroom, and pantry areas. The laundry and hall closet had been added in a prior remodel about 25 years ago. Our version of the remodel restores part of the original hallway wall, enclosing the laundry and pantry area with folding doors. We also reconfigured the hall closet to make an alcove above the closet doors, moving the doors back from the outer door trim, and replacing the sliding doors with folding doors.

Below is a survey of the project to date: the trim mouldings have not yet been installed on the wainscoting and most of the folding doors have not been painted, but the shelving systems have all been installed in the new pantry and closet spaces.

Looking into the "mudroom" from the dining room. The gold wainscoting matches the bathroom ceiling and tub exterior. The Gordon Snidow print, "Crazy Quilt," is a new addition, which replaces the Monte Dolack print "Going to the Sun," commissioned by Adventure Cycling. The hallway on the left leads to the cellar door, seen in the background, with the laundry on the left and the bathroom on the right. The pantry/closet and entry is on the right.


The hall closet, with doors closed. The upper alcove was nearly wasted space before the remodel.


The hall closet, with doors open. The left half is pantry space, with end-wall-mounted canned-goods storage and deep shelves with sliding baskets on the back wall. The right half, not visible, has a closet rod for coats.


View from the rear entry door. The pie safe holds small appliances and infrequently-used kitchen gadgets. We acquired the pie safe as an unfinished pine piece in the 1980s and finished it with hand-rubbed stain and paste wax. The pantry doors are visible at the right.


View of the pantry with the folding doors open. The wall-mounted shelving holds larger containers and appliances, including our stone flour mill.


The left side of the pantry is floor-to-ceiling can storage, so everything is visible and accessible


The laundry is accessible through another set of folding doors, which also gives access to the right end of the pantry shelving.