A photoessay in which Judy and Larye retire to the Pacific Northwest

...if you can call relocating two very active businesses and several hobbies with huge amounts of material and equipment "retirement." Below are a few photos of the moving process, which is still in progress, and will be for some time to come.

The Stoehr House, our new retirement home, a modest but large bungalow on a wooded hillside with a filtered view of a secluded bay in the lower reaches of the Salish Sea. This is one of the photos our realtor took to give us a virtual tour--we didn't actually see the house until closing...

The reason for the big trailer--transport the quilting machine,

And, to transport the airplane construction project.

The Gammill table, set up.

The quilting machine, reassembled.

The start of the sewing/bead room: books and custom ironing station

The big counterbalance loom, surrounded by yarn

Two months later, the looms are still buried in boxes of yarn

The workshop/garage rapidly fills up with boxes, then rapidly empties as the monsoon season makes for damp garage floor.

The dining room: "new" table and chairs. Judy's hand-dyed, hand-woven scarves on table and cabinet. The colors of the pottery, weaving, and walls all go together: Judy says this is because they are what she likes--we didn't pick the house for the wall colors.

The living room

Delia encounters the local fauna in her new yard

Larye in the office. Delia likes the new house and being part of the family business, although she is still banned from the quilting area.

Judy's office was supposed to be in the craft/sewing room, which is currently inundated with boxes, but she likes this one.

Boxes and boxes of fabric, awaiting a storage system.

Unpacking the fabric stash. Building the wire cube wall wiped out the stock in two Target stores...

Most of the craft books fit on one wall--quilting, sewing, and beading.

The downstairs library was supposed to contain Larye's aviation collection, but is mostly overflow from the upstairs libraries in the master suite and office.